Acting Globally

CELA advocates for the integrity and strength of domestic environmental law in light of regional, bilateral and multilateral agreements. We monitor and respond to international agreements that may adversely affect the ability of all levels of government in Canada to enact and enforce environmental laws.

Green Energy

If we want to reduce the disastrous impacts of our dependence on fossil fuels, including their enormous contribution to climate change and air and water pollution, then we need to accelerate the shift to clean, green energy.

Planning and Sustainability

If we want to protect the natural areas that filter our water, clean our air and support wild creatures, farmlands that produce our foods, and waterways that provide our drinking water, then. We need strong planning systems, including objective environmental assessments, to steer our decision making.

Water Sustainability

As Canadians we tend to take water for granted. But threats to water quantity and quality are all around us, from poorly planned development, water diversions and uncontrolled consumption, to direct pollution. CELA has a long history of working to improve water source protection and to stop water pollution.