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May 2019 Bulletin

Ottawa’s spectacular tulip displays at the Supreme Court of Canada in May 2019 (Photo: Kathleen Cooper/CELA) News & Activities CELA attends Low Income Energy Network conference CELA executive director Theresa McClenaghan (second from right) attended the Low Income Energy Network

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April 2019 Bulletin

Photo by DaPuglet/Flickr News & Activities Provincial budget cuts legal aid The recently announced cuts to legal aid in the provincial budget are extremely disturbing.  Although we don’t yet have the specifics regarding the cuts, if they are of the magnitude reported

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March 2019 Bulletin

Photo: Crocus by Billy Wilson/Flickr News & activities CELA is thrilled to announce that we will continue providing direct legal services in Northern Ontario to communities and low-income citizens seeking environmental justice. Last year, we launched our Northern Services pilot project to increase access

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February 2019 Bulletin

Photo: Flowerpot Island: Fantom Five National Marine Park, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada by J. Stephen Conn/Flickr CELA’s February 2019 Bulletin Upcoming events Drilling down on nuclear waste (February 28) The Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s is doing “exploratory drilling” in northern

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January 2019 Bulletin

Photo: Oak Ridges Moraine by Rick Harris/Flickr News & activities CELA opposes Ontario’s proposed Planning Act changes The Ontario government has recently introduced Bill 66, which proposes to repeal or amend a number of provincial laws. Schedule 10 of Bill 66, for example,

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December 2018 Bulletin

Happy holidays from your friends at CELA! Photo: VISIONS: Seeing the Aurora in a New Light by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Flickr News & Activities Photo: thirsty? by Bernal Saborio/Flickr CELA opposes Bill 66 rollback of Clean Water Act The Ontario

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