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May 2018 Bulletin

Photo: Michael/Flickr News & Activities Weighing in on the Pickering nuclear station licence renewal CELA made a 64-page submission in response to the 10-year renewal application for the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station (NGS). As Canada’s oldest operating nuclear power reactor, the Pickering

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April 2018 Bulletin

Photo: Dominic Ali/CELA News & Activities European Union bans outdoor uses of bee-harming neonic pesticides The European Commission recently voted to ban all outdoor uses of neonicotinoids, a class of pesticides that poses a threat to pollinators and other species, by

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March 2018 Bulletin

Photo: Dominic Ali/CELA Take Action! Sign the Healthy Schools Day petition and rule out radon today! Long-term radon exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Child health advocates are calling for mandatory radon testing in schools and child

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February 2018 Bulletin

News & Activities CELA discusses Ontario’s nuclear emergency plan on “The Agenda” CELA executive director Theresa McClenaghan appeared on TVO’s “The Agenda” to discuss Ontario’s updated nuclear emergency response plans. Other panelists included Shawn-Patrick Stensil from Greenpeace, Stephanie Smith from the

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January 2018 Bulletin

Photo: Bardia Photography/Flickr News & Activities Improving Canada’s asbestos ban CELA partnered with the Canadian Association of University Teachers to compliment the federal government for joining over 50 countries by banning the use, import, and sale of asbestos, as well as the manufacture and

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December 2017 Bulletin

CELA’s staff and board wish you all the best for the holidays & 2018! (Photo: Pete Lytwyniuk/Flickr) News & Activities CELA email phished…please proceed with caution! Earlier this month there was a phishing attempt from someone using a fake CELA email account

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