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February 2017 Bulletin

Strengthening proposed guidelines on bottled water CELA partnered with the Wellington Water Watchers to submit comments to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change on its proposed Bottled Water Technical Guidance Document. CELA strongly supports the moratorium on the issuance of

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January 2017 Bulletin

Great Lakes in January 2015. (Credit: NOAA/NASA/NPP/Flickr) CELA’s new Healthy Great Lakes program CELA announced its new Healthy Great Lakes program thanks to two-year funding from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. This program will help increase our ability to protect the waters of

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December 2016 Bulletin

The Board and staff at CELA extend warm holiday greetings to all of our Bulletin subscribers! We wish you all a green and peaceful new year. Federal government anounces plan to ban asbestos The federal government announced that it will ban

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November 2016 Bulletin

Tell Premier Wynne you want a 100% renewable Ontario! Speak out for a clean, green energy future! CELA is working with other organizations including the David Suzuki Foundation, Environmental Defence, Greenpeace and many others, to show that there’s broad public

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October 2016 Bulletin

Challenging all MPs to support a radon tax credit CELA has written to all federal MPs seeking support for a radon mitigation tax credit. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and is an indoor contaminant in over 600,000

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September 2016 Bulletin

CELA decries Ontario’s cancellation of renewable energy procurement CELA was disappointed with the Ontario government’s announcement that it had cancelled 1000 MW of renewable electricity procurement. “With the cost of renewables at an all-time low and decreasing, this decision halts Ontario’s

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