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August 2014 Bulletin

Supporting the Radon Awareness and Prevention Act CELA has sought all-party support for Bill 11, the Radon Awareness and Prevention Act, that would raise awareness about radon, establish an Ontario Radon Registry and reduce radon levels in homes and workplaces. Radon is

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July 2014 Bulletin

Flushing toxic chemicals: New GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals tool identifies hazardous chemicals in common household products CELA and Clean Production Action (CPA) recently released a comprehensive assessment of the hazards posed by two antibacterial chemicals commonly used in household products such as

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June 2014 Bulletin

Improvements needed to nuclear emergency planning in Canada CELA is supporting a move by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) to require mass predistribution of potassium iodide pills to residents around Canada’s nuclear plants along with other improvements to the

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May 2014 Bulletin

Federal Court prohibits new nuclear plants In a major success for environmentalists and renewable energy supporters, a landmark Federal Court ruling earlier this month has halted the construction of new nuclear reactors in Ontario. The Federal Court threw out the approvals for building

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April 2014 Bulletin

Supporting butterflies by protecting Ontario’s milkweed The Ministry of Agriculture and Food plans to update the Weed Control Act Schedule of Noxious Weeds to remove milkweed, a critical food source for the monarch butterfly. CELA expressed our support for this regulation which

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March 2014 Bulletin

Environmental groups call for action on pesticides Four major environmental organizations are calling for action by the federal government on pesticides suspected in killing bees. In a recent media release, CELA’s client the Sierra Club of Canada Foundation, and three

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