Green Budget Coalition 2016

The sixteen member organizations of the Green Budget Coalition (GBC) have published Recommendations for Budget 2016.

Jan 14 2016



The Green Budget Coalition puts forward a comprehensive stimulus package for the Government of Canada to sustain a healthy, competitive and clean economy through innovative federal fiscal measures and targeted federal funding.

The next federal budget is a vital tool to build a strong Canadian economy by putting a price on pollution, removing ecologically harmful subsidies, redirecting fiscal policies and tax revenues to financing renewable energy, implementing green and natural infrastructure projects and supporting the adoption of clean technologies.

Starting in Budget 2016, the federal government must help restore the health of Canadian ecosystems, protect Canadian communities from environmental risks and ensure Canada is competitive in the emerging low carbon economy.

The Green Budget Coalition’s Recommendations for Budget 2016 will provide Ministers with the resources to deliver on the commitments announced in the Ministerial Mandate Letters throughout the next four years.

The Green Budget Coalition recommends the Government of Canada implement strategic budgetary measures in the following seven key areas:

  • Clean Energy and Climate Change Leadership
  • Infrastructure and Climate Change Adaptation
  • Protecting our changing Arctic
  • Delivering on Canada’s Conservation Commitments
  • Engaging Canadians in Conservation
  • Protecting Canada’s Fresh Water
  • Healthy Environments, Healthy Canadians

The comprehensive set of recommendations is online at

For more information:

Annie Berube, Manager, Green Budget Coalition 613-562-3447 ext. 243
Theresa McClenaghan, Executive Director and Counsel, CELA 416-960-2284 ext. 219