John Jackson

John Jackson has worked with citizens’ groups on environmental contamination, waste management, water quantity & quality issues, and citizen involvement & decision-making issues for the past 30 years. John was with Great Lakes United through its 30-year history, first as a board member for 24 years (six of those as president) and then as water programs director for six years. In these roles, he focussed on remedial action plans, Lakewide Management Plans, toxics, water levels, and water use.

John is also an expert on the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. He is chair of the Grand River Environmental Network, chair of the Canadian Advisors to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, a member of the Work Group on Substances for the National Pollutant Release Inventory, among other committees that he serves on. He served for six years as a member of the Environmental Appeal Board.

Recently, John has been working with communities concerned about proposals for the disposal of radioactive wastes from the nuclear power plants.