Tom Borg

Tom Borg grew up on the land and had many land-based teachings which he passes on to youth today.

He graduated grade 12, is a certified member of Ontario certified Engineering Technicians and Technologist, Environmental Monitor Red Rock Band, and has completed archeological digs and site advisory with¬† Stantec on new hydro transmission line by Nextbridge. Tom represented Red Rock First Nations on the Water Management Committee, the Lake Nipigon Advisory Committee and has been a member of Local Citizens Committee for Forestry planning and issues for the past 23 years. He’s also part of the Lake Superior Partnership Working Group and the Nuclear fuel waste transport burial in N.W. Ontario committee. He works with Red Rock Fish and Game, is an Herbicide application watchdog, and works on forestry, Hydro one, CPR rail, and TCPL issues. Tom is outdoors on the land and so thankful for what the creator has provided which we have to protect and respect for all.