Kathleen Cooper, Senior Researcher, Paralegal, and Communications Coordinator

416-960-2284 ext 7221 • Cell: 705-341-2488
Areas of expertise: Toxic chemicals, air pollution, pesticides,  human health, indoor environmental health, radon, environmental links to chronic disease.


Kathleen Cooper has done environmental, health, and policy research for over  thirty years and joined the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) in 1987.

As Senior Researcher at CELA she provides casework support to environmental litigation files and has directed several law reform campaigns. She has conducted extensive research into the effects of environmental contaminants on fetal and child health and related policy issues and has authored numerous publications about child health and the environment.

Recent work has included a review of law and policy in Canada concerning radon, a scoping review of the evidence of associations between early environmental exposures and chronic disease, the Healthy Retrofits report that seeks to better integrate children’s environmental health protection into energy efficiency programs, and the RentSafe project, an initiative, led by the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment, to address indoor environmental health risks affecting low‐income tenants in Ontario.