Laura Tanguay, Water Policy Coordinator


Laura Tanguay is the Water Policy Coordinator for the Healthy Great Lakes program at CELA. She has a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy and is a Ph.D. candidate in the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change at York University, where her research engages with an environmental justice framework and considers the viability of consent-based mechanisms for more just approaches to Impact Assessments.

Laura works to support Indigenous communities who are confronted with settler land-use and water-use propositions in regulatory, scholastic, and grassroots settings. She guest lectures and on topics of environmental law & justice, climate change policy, critical conceptions of waste, and environmental impact assessments.

Recently, she co-edited, and was a featured co-author in a report titled “Operationalizing Indigenous-led Impact Assessments” funded by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada that can be found here, and co-authored an article titled “Undermining Assessment: EIA follow-up, stake-holder advisory groups, and extractive industries in Nunavut, Canada” that can be found here.