Global Pact for the Environment

CELA is a member of the Global Pact for the Environment Coalition, an international effort among NGOs, jurists, and citizens from all over the world who call upon the United Nations to recognize the right to a healthy environment. This fundamental right is one of the pillars of the preliminary draft of the Global Pact of the Environment. Since 2018, this has been under discussion at the United Nations. The coalition aims to bring civil society together to demand that States recognize our right to live in a healthy environment.



Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment (CPCHE)

CELA is a founding member of CPCHE, a national collaboration of organizations working together for nearly 20 years to improve children’s environmental health in Canada. Working with CPCHE partners, CELA has been a leading force in advancing children’s environmental health protection in Canada. We have provided leadership and analytical work to support mobilization of knowledge of children’s environmental health concerns and the development of evidence-informed policy options to ensure healthier and more equitable environments for Canada’s children.

Our Living Waters

CELA joined the Our Living Waters Network in 2020 as part of our Great Lakes Program. OLW is for groups who work towards freshwater health in Canada. OLW believes that it’s all of our work – combined – that will enable us to achieve a future where all Canada’s waters are in good health. It is a collaborative network of organizations working together under a shared measurement system to achieve the ambitious goal of all waters in good health by 2030!

CAREX Canada

CAREX Canada (CARcinogen EXposure) is a multi-institution team of researchers and specialists with expertise in epidemiology, risk assessment, toxicology, geographic information systems, and knowledge mobilization. Its purpose is to provide a body of knowledge about Canadians’ exposures to known and suspected carcinogens in order to support organizations in prioritizing exposures and in developing targeted exposure reduction policies and programs. CELA has a longstanding relationship with CAREX that includes a working group that meets twice a year to share information, and discuss issues of mutual concern and/or collaboration.

Climate Action Network Canada – Réseau action climat Canada (CAN-Rac Canada)

Climate Action Network Canada – Réseau action climat Canada (CAN-Rac Canada) is a coalition of more than 100 organizations across the country, including CELA. CAN-Rac Canada believes it is reckless not to invest now to keep our families and communities safe, especially when the solutions to climate change are affordable and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Great Lakes Protection Act Alliance

The Great Lakes Protection Act Alliance is a committed group of organizations and individuals that are working together to ensure the full implementation of Ontario’s Great Lakes Protection Act. The alliance seeks to protect and restore the ecological health of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin and create opportunities for individuals and communities to become involved in this work.

International Pollutants Elimination Network (IPEN)

IPEN is a global network of public interest NGOs, including CELA, working together for a world in which toxic chemicals are no longer produced or used in ways that harm human health and the environment. IPEN includes over 500 Participating Organizations in more than 100 countries, primarily in countries with developing and transitional economies.

Low-Income Energy Network

CELA is a founding member of Low-Income Energy Network (LIEN), a diverse network of organizations and individuals from across Ontario that aims to ensure universal access to adequate, affordable energy as a basic necessity. LIEN promotes programs and policies to address energy poverty and homelessness, reduce Ontario’s contribution to smog and climate change, and promote a healthy economy through the more efficient use of energy, a transition to renewable sources of energy, education, and consumer protection.

MiningWatch Canada

MiningWatch Canada is a pan-Canadian initiative supported by environmental, social justice, Indigenous and labour organisations from across the country. It addresses the urgent need for a co-ordinated public interest response to the threats to public health, water and air quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and community interests posed by irresponsible mineral policies and practices in Canada and around the world.


CELA is a founding member of RentSafe, an intersectoral initiative that addresses unhealthy housing conditions affecting tenants living on low income in Ontario through the active involvement of public health, legal aid clinics, municipal property standards/by-law enforcement, and social service sectors as well as housing providers and tenants. RentSafe aims to build awareness and capacity across sectors so that tenants, when faced with mould, pests, lead, radon and other unhealthy housing conditions, are better able to get the support they need.