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55 University Avenue, Suite 1500,
Toronto, ON M5J 2H7
Tel: 416-960-2284 or 1-844-755-1420, Fax: 416-960-9392

If you are visiting us, CELA is conveniently located near public transit, just south of the St. Andrew subway station on King Street, and just north of Union Station.

Staff Contact Details:

E-mail tracy (at) for non-legal information and articling (at) for legal inquiries. Please do not send the same request to several members of CELA staff.

Krystal-Anne Roussel
ext. 7216
articling (at)
Andrew Pickles
ext. 7211
Legal and Administrative Assistant/Librarian
andrew (at)
Tracy Tucker
ext. 7210
Office Manager/Executive Assistant
tracy (at)
General Accounting
ext. 7226
generalaccounting (at)
Kathleen Cooper
ext. 7221
Senior Researcher, Paralegal, and Communications Coordinator
kcooper (at)
Fe de Leon
ext. 7223
Researcher and Paralegal
deleonf (at)
April Weppler Engagement Coordinator, Healthy Great Lakes – april (at)
Kerrie Blaise
ext. 7224
Northern Services Counsel kerrie (at)
Joseph Castrilli
ext. 7218
castrillij (at)
Richard Lindgren
r.lindgren (at)
Twitter @EcoLawyer_RDL
Ramani Nadarajah
ext. 7217
ramani (at)
Jacqueline Wilson
ext. 7213
Counsel (on leave until September, 2020)
jacqueline (at)
Anastasia Lintner Special Projects Counsel – Anastasia (at)
David Estrin Pro Bono Counsel – davidestrin (at)
Theresa McClenaghan
ext. 7219
Executive Director and Counsel
theresa (at)
Twitter @TheresaMcClenag