Analysis of Standing Committee Motions Package, Bill 229

CELA has released its analysis of the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs (SCFEA) Motions Package, as relates to the proposed amendments to Schedule 6 of Bill 229 (the proposed Protect, Support and Recover from COVID-19 Act (Budget Measures), 2020).

The full analysis can be downloaded here: CELA Analysis – SCFEA Motion Package – Bill 229

An excerpt of the proposed amendments can be downloaded here: Bill 229 – Excerpted proposed amendments (to Schedule 6)

While there are some Government Motions proposing amendments to Schedule 6 that address concerns raised by CELA, Conservation Ontario and many others, there are also significant amendments that go even further to limit conservation authorities’ jurisdiction when there is a development authorized under a Minister’s Zoning Order (pursuant to the Planning Act).

The Government’s Motions proposed amendments as a package do not address the concerns raised by numerous conservation authorities, municipal councils, environmental organizations, as well as Conservation Ontario, Big City Mayors, Association of Municipalities of Ontario, and Ontario Federation of Agriculture. Thousands of residents of Ontario have written to or called their Members of Provincial Parliament; and many have also written to the Minister of Finance, the Premier and the SCFEA. Adding substantive amendments as the Government proposes is unacceptable.

CELA reiterates our recommendation that Schedule 6 be withdrawn in its entirety and further recommends that all Members of the SCFEA vote against Schedule 6 for Bill 229.