Believer Roll

The belief statements on this page amplify CELA’s work and give us a stronger voice when we are advocating for effective policy and reform. These statements let legislators and others know that you value our work and want environmental justice for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. Believe it – together we can make it possible.

Belief Statements

Nothing else matters more than a clean, safe, low-emissions environment, with protected natural areas and agricultural lands, for all people in our society. There is no such thing as a vibrant economy without a vibrant, healthy environment. There is no environmental justice without social justice for all communities of people across our country. I believe that we must all strive for environmental and economic progress and social inclusiveness so that all Canadians may lead safe and healthy lives. I believe that we have a lot to learn from Indigenous peoples about two-eyed seeing, traditional environmental knowledge, and the need to understand Indigneous truths. The climate emergency is the defining crisis of this and all future generations. We drag our feet on climate actions at our peril.
Linda Pim
I believe that every person should enjoy access to clean water and clean air, a connection with nature, and an appreciation for the wildness of our planet. I believe that communities are better protected when they have access to decision-making processes and that government and corporations need to be held accountable for their choices. I also believe that the next generation of environmental leaders will better reflect traditional wisdom and previously under-represented voices. I believe that their perspectives and thoughtful leadership will make a world of difference, if they are given support and encouragement so their voices can be heard.
Krystyn Tully
We need more environmental protection NOW. I believe that CELA’s work on legal reforms and accountability are essential to protecting what we’ve achieved so far, and moving us forward to environmental sustainability and justice. That’s why I’ve just joined your monthly program. I believe in what you stand for and in your approach, and am grateful for it.
Nancy Bennett
I believe that the health of any community depends on how we treat the most impoverished or marginalised in our community. I believe we are a global community inextricably linked to this earth and that every human being has the right to clean drinking water, healthy food and freedom from persecution. As such we are called to waste less, share more and honour and care for the land and nature that sustain us.
Anne Schibli
I believe that Indigenous people thrived sustainably on this land before colonization, and it's only through justice for their language, culture and ways of knowing that we will find and found sustainable futures for us all.
I believe in justice, fairness, and strong environmental policy and legislation! I believe both the federal and provincial governments should provide sufficient funding to the Canadian Environmental Law Association to ensure its effective administration and unhampered delivery of legal education and assistance to stakeholders in support of environmental justice.
Linda Heron
I believe there is no planet B. We need to stop plundering the precious green spaces that are left in our province.
Allan Grose
I believe we need good lawyers to help us protect the environment we love and depend on.
David Kim-Cragg
Two millennia ago, the famous Roman Consul, Cicero, stated that the health and welfare of the people was the supreme law. I agree with this statement and believe that we should all work towards that goal. For that reason, I very much support CELA's work and this new endeavour.
Ian Fairlie
I believe that only grass root action to sustain our environment will work in our society. Political parties are in the pockets of big corporations and they will not act of their own will unless we, the people start demanding it very loudly.​
Andre Bartczak
I believe that... 1. Waste does not belong in the ground. That waste prevention needs to be "upstream" from all other waste-reduction efforts. 2. Upstream communities have a moral responsibility to those downstream. That polluting headwaters is unacceptable. 3. The preservation of environmental health is the preservation of human health. That to degrade the environment is to do damage to our fellow humans. 4. Without clean drinking water in good supply, there is no social justice. That without safe and secure water, communities and individuals cease to exist. 5. As individuals, groups and communities we must have legislation that protects the environment and those who live in it. That legislators must help to create it and must be helped by us too.
Bryan Smith
I think that the environment/climate control is imperative for the health of everyone. Without good quality air, water, soil and food we are going to get sicker. Our health care system will be overburdened and costly. The evidence of climate problems is growing. We only need to look at our Western provinces with record heat, fires and now flooding as as example. We must work in collaboration with all critical parties including scientists/researchers, indigenous peoples who have long understood and respected the land, community leaders and across political parties. We need well adopted & enforced laws/governance & oversight to ensure that we continue to move forward and not be undone by the next incoming government whether federal or provincial. We need to teach people especially the children in schools. ALL Canadians can and must play a role and ALL must benefit regardless of where they live, their ethnicity or financial situation. Future generations won’t have any quality of life if we destroy our land/environment now.
Pat Lumsden
Environmental laws for air, land and water must endure, have longevity, and be ecosystemic, protective of health and reflective of public priorities. They should be fostered by all three levels of government in Canada and internationally in order to address climate change concerns which are certainly growing. Care must be taken to not only focus on simple profit and bottom lines but to value healthier and safer priorities.Investments in safer alternatives.
Sarah Miller
I believe that the health and wellbeing of future generations depends on our environmental stewardship today. That means better laws, effectively enforced, and a better informed population with plenty of opportunity to participate meaningfully in decision making about the environment. I believe that low-income and vulnerable or disadvantaged communities should not bear a disproportionate share of the burden of environmental degradation. And I believe that the polluter should pay.
Isobel Heathcote
I believe openness, accountability, and honesty define transparency. In a free society, transparency is government's obligation to share information with citizens.
Michael Douglas
I believe human population regulation, including immigration is the most beneficial for the environment. Constant population growth is not compatible with environmental preservation & quality of life. To control it, we must control agriculture
I believe we owe it to younger generations who are suffering because their future remains insecure due to the inaction of the world's leaders today on the climate crisis we are all experiencing now. Canada's leaders are not keeping their promises to the world to lower our GHG emissions, and COP26 still did not give our children enough hope for a brighter future. We must leave fossil fuels in the ground and do enough research to find healthier ways to live on this planet of finite resources. If we continue to act irresponsibly then I believe nature will take care of itself at our expense - i.e. death by violent climate events and disease which we've experienced enough of already. We need real action on the ground for change that is visible to taxpayers in our neighbourhoods. We all must try to do our part to be kind to our planet and leave a legacy of hope for all children. I'm in!
Lyn Folkes
I believe that taking action on climate control is essential. Without it we have an unhealthy environment; aid, water, soil, food. We can never have healthy people without it. But it needs federal laws that cannot be manipulated by the provinces. Like Ontario talking away control from conservation authorities and destroying farmlands, wetlands etc. We need to engage all knowledgeable and skilled resources including indigenous peoples, scientists/researchers, and all interested parties across political boundaries. Work together for a common goal! Through Covid, I have taken more to the outdoors, walking, hiking, kayaking and it’s amazing what beauty there is. I’m not alone in this! But it’ll be all gone if we destroy habitats. All life, human or otherwise deserve their home, food, health. Without this synergy we will have more zoonotic diseases. They’re already finding deer with Covid. Let’s take a page from our indigenous peoples that we are allowed to use the land but must leave it better than it was for the next generations to come.
Pat Lumsden
I believe that better laws make a difference. I believe that Indigenous communities deserve environmental justice. I believe that our children and grandchildren deserve to have their futures protected. I believe that continuous economic growth is unsustainable. I believe that we need green places and trees and rivers and oceans and lakes and nature for our very survival. I believe we can do better. I believe we need to act now.
Lisa Ivaldi
I believe we are destroying our ability to live on this planet by our world view of colonialization and capitalism. I believe our lives on this planet are a gift - Indigenous peoples have treasured and respected that gift for thousands of years. We need to learn from them. We need to protect our planet from further destruction and change our ways to walk more softly on the planet. Big corporations and governments need to change quickly and be held accountable for their actions. Equity and Equality matter. We need to act collectively and individually, now.
Ingrid Buday
I believe that children have the right to live free of the risks associated with the Canadian nuclear industry. Canada's future must not depend upon exploitation of either the the environment or the vulnerable.
P Harris
I believe that we can stay below 1.5 degrees of warming thanks to organizations like CELA!
i believe we need to speak for those with no voice, nature.
gail krantzberg
I believe there is Hope for our Future!
Annette Gibbons
I believe that by making protection and conservation of our environment a priority and making the most committed people responsible for leading that effort, we will succeed in making a just and sustainable society.
Guy Perry
Water is essential to all life, and it must be carefully guarded as a resource for the Heath and wellness of present and future generations along side our first nation, aboriginal communities.
Rosemary Hood
I am grateful for all the work CELA does to protect our environment and our drinking water. CELA's advice and support is invaluable.
Johanna Echlin
I believe in the expression of Indigenous Rights through environmental planning and law and the good minds of CELA to bring about positive change for all our relations.
Susan Robertson
I believe that individuals can make a difference when it comes to protecting and saving our environment, especially when like-minded people combine their efforts.
Joyce Litster
I believe that the enjoyment of our land today should not borrow from the enjoyment of our land in the future.
Anderson Ma
I believe that Indigenous communities deserve environmental justice. I believe that our children deserve to have their futures protected.
Marilyn Osborne
I believe that the environment deserves justice as well
Deborah Martin-Downs