Casework: Outdated Landfill Approvals Revoked for ED-19 Dump

CELA represented clients in Eastern Ontario in their successful efforts to obtain the revocation of two 1998 approvals for a proposed municipal landfill that was never built. Since these approvals had no expiry dates, the proponent proposed to sell the undeveloped site almost two decades later to a private waste disposal company. CELA was retained in 2017 to pursue our clients’ outstanding concerns about the landfill’s potential impacts on public health, well water quality, and wildlife habitat.

In 2019, Ontario’s Environment Minister revoked the approval under the Environmental Assessment Act after our clients had filed a revocation request under the Act. CELA also filed an EBR Application for Review of the landfill’s approval under the Environmental Protection Act, and the Environment Ministry revoked this approval in 2020.

In addition, CELA represented our clients in a public hearing before the Environmental Review Tribunal (and a subsequent appeal to the Minister) in relation to this matter. Some of the key documents prepared and filed by CELA on behalf of our clients are set out below.

image credit: Joshua J. Cotten @jcotten