Casework: Defending community & children's health in a nuclear host community

CELA is representing the Citizens Against Radioactive Neighbourhoods (CARN) in a legal challenge of a licensing decision by Canada’s nuclear safety regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).

CARN is a Peterborough-based organization that advocates for the protection of human and environmental health from the threats of nuclear facilities. They are asking the Federal Court to strike the regulator’s issuance of a 10-year licence which permits nuclear fuel manufacturer, BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada Inc., to begin producing uranium fuel pellets at its facility located in downtown Peterborough, just metres from an elementary school and playground.

In March 2020, public hearings before the regulator were held, with detailed submissions from CELA on behalf of CARN as well as expert reports, and hundreds of written and oral interventions from CARN members.

Represented by Theresa McClenaghan, Jacqueline Wilson and Kerrie Blaise, CARN is now seeking an order from the Federal Court declaring that the CNSC’s issuance of a licence permitting pelleting in Peterborough was unlawful and the licence conditions allowing for this change, to be deemed invalid and of no effect. A hearing was held on March 21 and 22, 2022 and is now awaiting a decision.

Winter scene of Peterborough's Hunter Street Bridge. Photo Credit: KevinDerrick from Getty Images

Media Releases, Legal Submissions

BWXT Licence Renewal 2020 Presentation

Relicensing of BWXT’s Peterborough Uranium Processing Facility – CNSC Licence Renewal (Ref. 2020-H-01) Oral Submission of the Citizens Against Radioactive Neighbourhoods Prepared and Presented by: Kerrie Blaise and Morten Siersbaek, Legal Counsel, CELA Dr. Markvart, Sustainability Expert Dr. Edwards, Human

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