Media Advisory: CELA in Court Today on Federal Carbon Pricing Matter

Media Advisory

Feb 14 2019

CELA Counsel Jacqueline Wilson and Theresa McClenaghan are in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal today, for the court’s second day of hearing on the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, SC 2018 reference. This is a reference on the constitutionality of federal carbon pricing opposed by several provinces, including Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Tune into the live broadcast. Schedule for the events also attached (times are in Central Standard Time).

Excerpted below, watch CELA counsel Jacqueline Wilson and Theresa McClenaghan present arguments.

CELA’s position:

As an intervener, representing CELA and Environmental Defence, we will ask the Court to uphold the carbon pricing law under the criminal law power or the trade and commerce power of the Constitution Act. CELA takes the position that both the federal and provincial governments have authority to pass carbon pricing legislation and other climate change measures. CELA will be appearing again in the Ontario Court of Appeal on the same reference April 15-18, 2019.

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