December 2014 Bulletin


Ontario agrees to review water well regulation

In December 2013, CELA filed an EBR Application for Review of Ontario Regulation 903 (Wells) and related provisions in the Ontario Water Resources Act. In December 2014, CELA was informed by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change that the requested review was “warranted,” and that CELA and other stakeholders would be consulted as the Ministry’s review proceeds in 2015. We commend the Ministry for agreeing to undertake the long overdue review of Ontario’s framework for regulating the construction, maintenance and decommissioning of water supply wells and test holes across the province.

Public interest groups call on federal government to prohibit Triclosan

CELA, and other not-for-profit groups, urged Canada’s federal government to officially declare Triclosan (CAS#3380-34-5) toxic and add this chemical to the Toxics Substances List (Schedule 1) under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999. We also recommended that measures must be taken to ensure this chemical is phased out in all products.

CELA applauds government’s anti-SLAPP bill

We applaud the introduction of a Bill to address strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPPs) in Ontario. “The bill will protect Ontarians from the chilling impact that SLAPPs have on people publicly voicing their concerns on matters of public interest,” said Theresa McClenaghan, CELA’s Executive Director.“Anti-SLAPP legislation will strengthen the democratic process.”


Good intentions don’t justify bad environmental laws

CELA joined other organizations in calling for the Ontario government to halt a draft regulation that if enacted, would make it possible for cement and steel companies to burn garbage instead of coal to make their products, claiming this is good for the environment. The new draft regulation is packaged as a greenhouse gas reduction initiative. Unfortunately, it would allow cement and steel manufacturers to take industrial, commercial and residential garbage and burn it in facilities never designed to deal with toxic emissions. We will continue to monitor this draft regulation.

CELA calls on Toronto to improve stormwater infrastructure proposal

Along with other public interest groups, CELA expressed disappointment with a new storm water infrastructure proposal for the City of Toronto. Although we support the establishment of an independent stormwater rate through a stormwater utility, we cautioned that it must be more effective and less costly than the city’s current 19th century piped infrastructure.


FROM THE BLOG: Plastic microbeads in consumer products

Lake Ontario is filled with with microbeads, tiny plastic particles that have accumulated over past two decades. These plastic particles so small they are almost invisible, but they have big effects. Lake Ontario now has an average of more than 1 million beads per square kilometre — tiny globules of plastic, many of which come from skincare scrubs and toothpastes. Learn more on our blog.

FROM THE BLOG: Theo Colborn (1927 – 2014)

CELA board member John Jackson contributed a touching tribute to influential environmental author and activist Theo Colborne who recently passed away.