Draft Amended Blue Box Program Plan

Title: Submission Re: Draft Amended Blue Box Program Plan
Resource Type: Letter
Content: 1166-SubmissionDraftAmendedBlueBoxProgramPlan
# of Pages: 133
Date authored: January 15, 2018
Publication number: 1166
Author/s: Dave Gordon, Richard Lindgren, John Jackson, Jim McKay, Tim Gray, Karyn Hogan, Robert Cook, Jo-Anne St. Goddard, Fred W. Jahn, Emily Alfred, Duncan Bury
Author Organization: Association of Municipalities of Ontario, Canadian Environmental Law Association, Citizens’ Network on Waste Management, Solid Waste Management Services City of Toronto, Environmental Defence, Municipal Waste Association, Ontario Waste Management Association, Recycling Council of Ontario, Regional Public Works Commissioners of Ontario, Toronto Environmental Alliance, Waste Watch Ottawa