Announcement: Environmental Protections are Not Red Tape – Feb 19, 2019


Date and Time: February 19, 2019 at 7:30pm EST 
Location: White Water Gallery, 122 Main St E, North Bay

Feb 15 2019

Join CELA’s Kerrie Blaise for a workshop discussing recent environmental law reforms in Ontario.

CELA will discuss ways in which audience members can access information about environmental issues in their community and get involved in decision-making for projects which may have detrimental effects on air, water and land.

CELA will also discuss the current review of Ontario’s Endangered Species Act, species at risk protections in the province and next steps for citizens wanting to be involved. Hosted by Solidarity North Bay, this evening is an opportunity to share ideas and stay informed about decisions being made affecting our environment.

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The event is free of charge, all are welcome! Questions? Contact Kerrie at