Submission: Floating Accommodations Over Waterways on Ontario’s Public Lands

Floating accommodations are a novelty camping idea that pose unique and significant risks to the environment and public health and safety, including risks caused by exposure to sewage and grey water, and noise. The risks to the environment include serious harm to animal life and their habitats, and in particular aquatic and shoreline species. The protection of ecosystems and biodiversity must be of paramount importance. These impacts have the potential to be amplified by the lack of oversight and monitoring which may result due to the remote or inaccessible locations of floating camping units. CELA opposes the use of floating accommodations on waterways for these reasons and recommends camping on watercraft that are not “vessels” be prohibited.

Kerrie Blaise, Counsel
Ogem Stephanie Odum, Student-at-Law

To download CELA’s comments click the following link: CELA_Comments_Floating Accommodation