Making the Links in Southeastern Ontario: CELA’s Toolkit for Environmental Action

CELA presents a new toolkit for Southeastern Ontario on environmental rights and public action

Across Canada, low-income individuals and disadvantaged communities bear the disproportionate burden of adverse health and environmental impacts from contaminants that are discharged into air, land, and water. The nexus between pollution, poverty, race, and ethnicity has prompted civil society, academics, lawyers, and non-governmental organizations to advocate for legal reforms that facilitate access to environmental justice.

We invite you to read, share and explore this Toolkit to learn more about the important role we all share in advocating for more just, equitable, and healthy communities.

The complete toolkit is available for download by clicking the following link: Making the Links in Southeastern Ontario

Prepared by: Sawyer Fobert, CELA Law Student, and Jacqueline Wilson, Counsel at CELA
Publication date: August 31, 2023
Information is current to April 30, 2023

ISBN # 978-1-77842-021-4
CELA Publication No. 1537