Out-of-date Tetramethrin Product Labels in PMRA Label Search

Letter to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency noting findings of out of date labels for registered tetramethrin products, specifically those used for bed bugs. Labels are not updated in accordance with the requirements in Re-evaluation Decision RVD2018-01, Tetramethrin and Its Associated End Use Products. The RVD states that labels must be updated within 24 months of the decision, pointing to a deadline of February 2020. As of mid-July 2021, fully 18 months after this deadline, multiple labels in the Label Search database are out of date. In consequence, if these older and now illegal labels are followed by users of these pesticides, the result will be health risks in excess of final re-evaluation decision.

Authors: Kathleen Cooper, CELA Senior Researcher and Paralegal, and Adam Clasky, Master of Public Health, Practicum Student
Download letter here: L-CELA-to-PMRA-out-of-date-tetramethrin-labels

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