Webinar: The Growing Threat of PFAS, the Forever Chemicals

CELA has hosted two webinars focused on the growing threat of PFAS in the Great Lakes basin.

The Growing Threat of PFAS, the Forever Chemicals

The first featured presenters Bev Thorpe and Brennain Lloyd talking about Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Canada, and took place on October 16, 2019.

Watch the full webinar below, or download the slides here: 1310-PFAS webinar_slides_Oct 19 2019

PFAS “the Forever Chemicals” Contamination in the Great Lakes Basin – A Strategic Discussion on Further Steps Around Binational Citizen Action

The second webinar, held on June 22, 2020 was hosted by John Jackson, co-chair of the Toxics Free Binational Great Lakes Network, and featured presenters Michael Murray, Staff Scientist with the National Wildlife Federation, and Beverley Thorpe, Consultant to Canadian Environmental Law Association.

The interactive webinar explored the opportunities to work bi-nationally to protect the Great Lakes from PFAS Contamination. As the biggest freshwater body on earth, the Great Lakes Basin is a shared responsibility of the United States-Canada and the primary source of drinking water for over 40 million people. The U.S.-Canadian federal governments identified specific PFAS – PFOS, PFOA and LC-PFCAs as chemicals of mutual concern in 2016 and are required to release binational strategies to address these PFAS.

The following recording includes the presentation session of the webinar, which was followed by a strategy session (recorded only for internal purposes) for environmental NGO’s to set the scene for a wider discussion of possible bi-national citizen action.

Download the PowerPoint slides here: PFASs_GreatLakes_July 2020