Public Legal Education

Across Ontario, CELA staff reach many audiences on many topics. We work with individual citizens, citizens’ groups, service providers (including staff in other legal aid clinics), private bar lawyers, and professional associations. We attend public meetings, host webinars, and write varied publications.

Looking for information about environmental law?

Start with this website! It contains:

As well, the CELA Foundation (formerly the Resource Library for the Environment and the Law) provides access to the library and the Environmental History Program (an extensive range of online resources reflecting and cataloguing the environmental history of Canada, including the CELA Archives).

Interested in hosting an event with a speaker from CELA?

Get in touch and we will try to participate. Our staff aim to provide public legal education services in all regions of Ontario.

When we cannot help:

There are some areas of the law where we may not have the necessary expertise. However, we may be able to offer referrals or other suggestions. You can also try the Steps to Justice site by clicking below.

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