Media Release: CELA in cheering section for Province-wide ban on non-essential pesticides

Media Release Toronto: The Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) strongly supports Dalton McGuinty’s proposal for provincial legislation to ban the non-essential or “cosmetic” use of pesticides. “With nearly 130 municipal bylaws in Canada, many of them in Quebec and Ontario,…

Cancer and the Environment in Ontario

Title: Cancer and the Environment in Ontario Gap Analysis on the Reduction of Environmental Carcinogens Resource Type: Report Content: 593gap__analysis # of Pages: 86 Date authored: July 20, 2007 Author Organization: Cancer and the Environment Stakeholder Group

Pesticides Terminology and Representations

Title: Pesticides Terminology and Representations - Presentation to Organic Landscape Alliance, January 2005 Resource Type: Presentation Content: pesticidesterminology # of Pages: 30 Date authored: January 21, 2005 Author/s: Theresa McClenaghan Author Organization: Canadian Environmental Law Association