Looking at Exposures to Carcinogens: CAREX Canada and CELA Webinar for Legal Clinic Staff

This webinar originally aired on November 30th, 2023

Recording is available below


  • Cheryl Peters, Principal Investigator, CAREX Canada and Senior Scientist for Cancer Prevention, BC Centre for Disease Control and BC Cancer
  • Theresa McClenaghan, Executive Director, Canadian Environmental Law Association

CELA is pleased to co-host this webinar with CAREX Canada.

CAREX Canada has valuable and innovative resources that can help with avoiding exposures to carcinogens in workplaces and communities. It will be of particular interest to clinic staff advising workers.

CAREX Canada (CARcinogen EXposure) is a multi-institution team of researchers and specialists with expertise in epidemiology, exposure assessment, spatial analysis, health policy, and knowledge mobilization. The purpose of CAREX Canada is to provide a body of knowledge about Canadians’ exposures to known and suspected carcinogens, in order to support organizations in prioritizing exposures and in developing targeted exposure reduction policies and programs.

CAREX Canada’s estimates have helped occupational health advocates to better understand how a worker in a particular industry, such as agriculture or construction, might be exposed to carcinogens on the job and levels of exposure. It has been used to identify groups at risk of high exposure, identify gaps in data, predict future cases of disease and set prevention and research priorities.

CAREX has also worked with CELA on their review of policy and law around radon exposure in Canadian homes and workplaces.

This webinar will provide a broad overview about CAREX Canada, how the exposure estimates were generated, a brief look at eWORK, and how CAREX data and evidence can be used by a variety of stakeholders.

Image courtesy of @milanvirijevic via Canva.com