Webinar – Making the Links in Southeastern Ontario: Presenting CELA’s Toolkit for Environmental Action

This webinar originally aired on March 31, 2023

Low-income individuals and disadvantaged communities are impacted most heavily by development. They bear the disproportionate burden of adverse health and environmental impacts from contaminants discharged into the air, land, and water.

On March 31, presented the latest “Making the Links” Toolkit highlighting the connections between environment and health in the region. 

This toolkit contains information on how you can use the law to prevent environmental harm to you, your community, and your region.  It includes useful tips on public engagement, an introduction to available legal tools, and information to help you better understand the environmental law landscape in Southeast Ontario.

We invite you to read, share and explore this toolkit to learn more about the important role we all share in advocating for just, equitable, and healthy communities.

The slidedecks for this webinar are available:
Making the Links Toolkit, Southeast Ontario – Sawyer Fobert
Public Participation in Environmental Approvals – Richard Lindgren

A recording of the webinar is available below.