40 Years of Law in the Public Interest, Selected Highlights from the First Decades of CELA’s Work

 … This report is organized mostly by chronology, exploring the links over time
that CELA has focused on at any given moment. Key campaigns like the battles
for the Environmental Bill of Rights, Legal-Aid funding, and dozens of dangerous
landfill cases are just a few examples of the important work that CELA has
done. Proper respect is given on my part for exceptional cases in CELA history.
But there are equally important small cases, such as protecting a maple tree;
fighting against unsafe radioactive materials storage at the University of
Toronto; cultivating environmental law centres all across the country; and
proffering the official CELA submissions which keep the government
accountable, not to mention demonstrating the wherewithal to keep fighting
these battles day in and out. This is a story of those battles and the ways CELA
volunteers and staff have worked over forty years to implement a magnificent
world of imagination which we continue to dream every day. …

Title: 40 Years of Law in the Public Interest
Selected Highlights from the First Decades of CELA’s Work


Resource Type: Report
Content: 789CELA40years
# of Pages: 34
Date authored: 2011
Publication number: 789
Author/s: Brian Chang
Author Organization: Canadian Environmental Law Association