Media Release: Canada barely outperforms Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia on climate protection performance

Media Release

Ottawa: Canada ranks last in climate performance among the world’s 10 largest carbon dioxide emitters; it ranks second to last within the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation, and it ranks 58th among countries representing 90 percent of global energy-related emissions – just ahead of Kazakhstan, Australia and Saudi Arabia. The Canadian assessment was included in the Climate Change Performance Index released today in Lima, Peru by Germanwatch and Climate Action Network Europe.

The Climate Change Performance Index report reinforces the need for all countries, but particularly laggards like Canada, to increase their ambition as we head into the second week of United Nations climate negotiations in Lima, Peru. While Canada stands still, other countries are moving forward showing significant improvement especially in development of energy supply from renewable energy sources (i.e., Belgium and Sweden). While Canada ranks 18th in the share of renewable energy in total primary energy supply, our country ranks 55th in development of energy supply from renewable energy sources. Canada with one of the slowest growth rates in renewable energy supply risks losing out on the clean energy revolution and the jobs that go with it.

Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom ranked 4th, 5th and 6th respectively; the top three spots remain blank indicating that no country currently demonstrates a level of ambition consistent with preventing global warming of less than 1.5oC.

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About Climate Action Network Canada – Réseau action climat Canada: Climate Action Network Canada – Réseau action climat Canada (CAN-Rac) is the Canadian node of Climate Action Network International, a network of over 900 organizations working to phase out carbon pollution by mid-century. CAN-Rac comprises over 100 member organizations from across the country, representing aboriginal, faith-based, labour and environmental NGOs. The Canadian Environmental Law Association, Windfall Centre, Sierra Club of Canada Foundation, Environmental Defence, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association and Canadian Voice of Women for Peace are among the groups endorsing this press release.


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