Casework: Proposed Deep Geologic Repository for Nuclear Waste

he Ontario Power Generation (OPG) proposal for a “Deep Geologic Repository” at the Bruce Nuclear site near Kincardine, Ontario on the shore of Lake Huron was the subject of a joint panel review from 2012-2015 by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. 

As proposed, the proposed facility would have received low and intermediate radioactive wastes from the Bruce, Pickering and Darlington nuclear plants. CELA provided advice and assistance to multiple individuals and public interest organizations in these proceedings, in addition to participating in its own right. We brought expert testimony about environmental and public health risks associated with the proposal and worked to ensure and facilitate public participation rights under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. The proposal was withdrawn by OPG in June of 2020.

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Media Releases

Legal Submissions and Presentations

Throughout these proceedings CELA advocated for proper environmental assessment process, including the necessary information base for sound decision making. For example, we stated that OPG:

  • had not properly considered alternatives to the undertaking
  • did not have a proper study area 
  • had inadequately evaluated the site hydrogeology
  • failed to properly include impacts on the Great Lakes, transportation routes, or surrounding communities, and
  • did not demonstrate a need for this type of facility.