Law Reform: Nuclear Waste Management in Canada

Canada has a vast legacy of nuclear waste. It is categorized as either “low and intermediate level” or “high level” waste. Much of this waste will stay radioactive and toxic to humans and the environment for hundreds of thousands of years. High level waste will not decay to background levels, e.g., similar to natural uranium, for a million years. 

Canada lacks a comprehensive nuclear waste framework and guidelines for decommissioning of nuclear facilities.  (See also Casework: Nuclear Waste and Reactor Decommissioning in Manitoba and Saskatchewan)

Canada Needs a National Radioactive Waste Policy

As a founding member of Nuclear Waste Watch, CELA advocates for a national radioactive waste policy framework that includes rules and policies that will protect human health and the environment and make the nuclear industry accountable and responsible. This policy framework must be based upon meaningful consultation with Indigenous peoples and strong public engagement.

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