Speak Up on How and Where to Grow Ontario’s Greenbelt – Guelph-Wellington, Webinar

Speak Up on How and Where to Grow Ontario’s Greenbelt - Information Session for Guelph-Wellington Webinar originally aired March 25, 2021 Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is seeking feedback on ways to grow the size of the Greenbelt.…

Webinar – Port Hope: A Case Study in Radioactive Risk

This third webinar - to be held March 17 at 7:30 PM EST - in the Protect Our Waterways series will look at Port Hope, the legacy of radioactive wastes the community is burdened with, and community concerns, particularly in light of a recent proposal to relax environmental cleanup criteria that many felt were already too lax.

Be Well: Our Water is Worth Protecting

CELA's Theresa McClenaghan will be speaking on this webinar about protecting groundwater in Waterloo Region, a municipality that manages over 120 wells that supply groundwater to homes and businesses across Waterloo Region alongside thousands of private wells that also depend on clean and safe groundwater. Experts and community members will discuss threats to groundwater and the importance of protecting it.