Media Release: CELA Appointed to Source Protection Committee

Media Release

Today, Environment Minister Leona Dombrowsky announced the membership of two essential source protection committees – covering technical and implementation issues respectively. CELA counsel Theresa McClenaghan will be sitting on the province’s source protection implementation committee.

CELA advocated the need for rigorous source protection during the Walkerton Inquiry. Since the release of Justice O’Connor’s reports, CELA has continued to strenuously argue that legislation for source protection planning is urgently needed. CELA urged incoming Premier McGuinty and Environment Minister Dombrowsky to proceed with the April 2003 recommendations of the Source Protection Advisory Committee.

The two new committees are essential as next steps toward implementation of Source Protection Planning. As Justice O’Connor noted, source protection is the first barrier of a multi-barrier system of protecting drinking water.

In addition to her work on the source protection implementation committee, Theresa McClenaghan will continue her work on the Nutrient Management Advisory Committee, particularly with respect to integrating both processes.

Furthermore, CELA expects to work actively and participate in the public consultation processes that Municipal Affairs Minister Gerretsen has announced this week regarding proposed amendments to the province’s Planning Act. “Integration of land use planning with source protection planning will be essential for the success of Ontario’s efforts to protect water sources”, Ms. McClenaghan said.

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