Media Release: Group Says Fund Pesticide Bylaw

Media Release

(Toronto) A coalition of doctors, nurses, lawyers, and environmentalists who supported the City’s decision to adopt a pesticide bylaw now urge City Council to
provide funds for educating the public about the bylaw this year. The bylaw was passed by City Council last May after numerous public meetings, stakeholder
consultations and public polls showing strong public support.

“Toronto residents want the bylaw to work so that their children, their pets, their communities and the environment are protected from unnecessary exposures to
these harmful chemicals,” Dr. Hilary de Veber, pediatrician and member of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, “$225,000 is a small
price to pay to make our communities safer.”

The annual cost of the bylaw is $450,000, with the city responsible for half the bill, meaning a net cost of only 9 cents per resident.

On Monday, February 23rd, the Board of Health will discuss plans to implement the pesticide bylaw through an intensive education program, and review
recommendations put forward by the CAO regarding infestation thresholds and other details. The CAO’s recommendations resulted from six months of
discussions with the Pesticide Bylaw Advisory Committee (PBLAC).

Over 60 municipalities have now passed pesticide bylaws including Halifax and Vancouver. Montreal is expected to pass a bylaw within the year. Over 30% of
Canadians live in communities that have already moved to restrict pesticide use.

“We know that a key component of a successful pesticide bylaw is a good education and enforcement program,” says Katrina Miller, spokesperson for the
Toronto Environmental Alliance. “Not funding these activities will likely result in public confusion about how to comply with the bylaw and a sense of betrayal
among the majority of residents who support it.”

Members of the PPB will be deputing at the Board of Health on February 23rd, when implementation plans for the bylaw are discussed.

For information contact:
Dr. Hilary De Veber: 416-469-2584
Katrina Miller: 416-596-0660

Download Media Release in PDF: mr040220-Partnership-for-Pesticide-Bylaws