Media Release: CELA’s Anastasia Lintner to be Resource Guest at AquaHacking Youth Delegation

Media Release

Students and young professionals from Canada and the U.S. gather with water experts to discover and develop solutions to challenges in Great Lakes water management.

Turkey Point becomes a hub for young water leaders and experts converging from Canada and U.S. to develop a vision for Lake Erie

From June 23rd – 25th, 12 youth delegates, 10 experts and key local stakeholders will converge for the AquaHacking Youth Delegation 2017 training at Delta Waterfowl’s HHCC in Turkey Point, to co-create a youth-led vision and concrete recommendations for the future of Lake Erie.

These youth delegates – key stakeholders in the future of Lake Erie and the Great Lakes – form a multi-disciplinary, bi-national team of graduate students and young professionals selected for their unique expertise and research projects pertaining to Lake Erie.

This AquaHacking Youth Delegation is taking a deeper dive into unpacking the complexity around work being done on Lake Erie and what youth can bring to the table. The delegates will spend time with experts including representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, farmer Bryan Gilvesy from Y U Ranch, Six Nations Tourism, Canadian Freshwater Alliance, Freshwater Future, Essex Conservation Authority, Farm and Foodcare and Canadian Environmental Law Association.

The delegates will have the unique opportunity to present their vision and recommendations directly to high level decision-makers from provincial, federal and US governments on September 13th at the AquaHacking Summit, taking place at the University of Waterloo.

The 3rd edition of the AquaHacking Summit brings together experts, decision makers, the Youth Delegation and participants from the tech and engineering communities to discuss and present their solutions for Lake Erie.

This initiative is brought forward by a partnership between the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation and Waterlution. The AquaHacking Movement will focus on a different lake each year and continue to develop the skills of young leaders, matching them with experts to tackle real-problems around the Great Lakes region.


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The AquaHacking Movement aims to engage today’s rising generation of water experts and tech community to facilitate the implementation of innovative, actionable solutions to water-related issues in North America. AquaHacking achieves this by creating enabling environments for innovation and entrepreneurship of tech-based solutions to solve water-related issues, and by developing collaborative spaces for the rising generations to engage in dialogue across sectors, jurisdictions and generations that bridge skills and expertise which lead to tangible partnerships for improved water management.