Environmental Standard Setting and Children’s Health

A team of lawyers, researchers and physicians with CELA and the Ontario College of Family Physicians , Environmental Health Committee published this report in May of 2000. It summarizes the findings of a lengthy investigation into the adequacy of the standard setting process for protecting the health of children in Canada and specifically, in the province of Ontario. The report also provides a detailed review of research into the greater susceptibility and exposure of children to environmental contaminants.

Authors: Kathleen Cooper, Loren Vanderlinden, Theresa McClenaghan, Karyn Keenan, Kapil Khatter, Paul Muldoon, Alan Abelsohn

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Executive Summary: ExecSumm
Consolidated List of Recommendations: finrecs
Acknowledgements: Acknowl
Table of Contents: TofC and Detailed Table of Contents: TofCD
Chapter 1 – Introduction: Ch1
Chapter 2 –  Relationships Between Children’s Health and Environmental Contaminants: Ch2
Childhood Cancer Statistics – Erratum and Clarification: erratum&clarification
Chapter 3 –  The Standard Setting Framework:  Ch3
Chapter 4 –  Risk Assessment and the Precautionary Principle: Ch4
Excerpt from Chapter 4, Human Testing of Pesticides: excerpt_ch_4_human_testing
Chapter 5 – Air: Ch5
Chapter 6  – Toxic Substances: Ch6
Chapter 7 – Consumer Products: Ch7
Case Study #1- Standard-Setting for Lead – The Cautionary Tale:  Cs_Lead
Case Study # 2 –  Regulating Pesticides to Protect Children’s Health:  Cs_Pes
Table 9.1: Summary of Information on Selected Common Pesticides: Tab1Pest
Appendix A – Consolidated List of References: Clor
Appendix B – List of Acronyms: Acronyms