Heat-related Death Tracking in Ontario

A Letter from CELA and other legal aid clinics was sent to the Office of the Chief Coroner for Ontario expressing their concern about the increasing impact of extreme heat on our client communities. Vulnerable people are more prone to heat-related death. With the climate crisis worsening, it is essential that the Coroner’s Office improves its tracking of heat-related deaths to better capture the true impact of extreme heat and to allow for government policy to address the full extent of the problem.

Authored by:
Theresa McClenaghan, Executive Director, Canadian Environmental Law Association
Douglas Kwan, Director of Advocacy and Legal Services, Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario
Graham Webb, Executive Director, Advocacy Centre for the Elderly
Zeenat Bhanji, Coordinator, Low-Income Energy Network

To download letter click this link:  Letter_Tracking_Heat-Related_Deaths

To see the media release click this link: https://cela.ca/media-release-advocates-call-for-ontario-to-improve-tracking-of-heat-related-deaths/