Climate Law and Vulnerable Communities

CELA Executive Director and Counsel Theresa McClenaghan on how far most Canadian law extends to protect those most impacted by climate change. Presentation to Ontario Bar Association Climate Change and Corporate Social Responsibility Seminar.

Intersection of Environmental Law and Poverty Law

CELA Counsel and Executive Director Theresa McClenaghan discusses the environmental health impacts of pollution and poverty in the Great Lakes Region. Download slide deck here: Intersection-Envl-Law-Poverty-Law

Environmental Injustice: Equity and the Law

Title: Environmental Injustice: Equity and the Law Guest Lecture at George Brown College Resource Type: Presentation Content: 1255-George BrownLecture # of Pages: 27 Date authored: March 19, 2019 Publication number: 1255 Author/s: Kerrie Blaise Author Organization: CELA

Poverty & the Law Guest Lecture

Title: Poverty & the Law Guest Lecture: A Public Interest Environmental Law Perspective Resource Type: Presentation Content: 1228-Poverty-and-the-Law # of Pages: 40 Date authored: November 29, 2018 Publication number: 1228 Author/s: Kerrie Blaise Author Organization: CELA

CELA statement on Ontario’s Climate Change Plan regarding low-income communities

FRANCAIS Nov 29 2018 The Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) is disappointed that Ontario‚Äôs new climate change plan does not mention low-income or vulnerable communities at all. In CELA's view, climate change is fundamentally unfair since low-income and vulnerable communities…