Supplementary Submissions to Testimony on Bill S-5, An Act to Amend the Canadian Environmental Protection Act

CELA has provided a supplementary letter in addition to Testimony on Bill S-5 (An Act to Amend CEPA) to the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development dated December 2, 2022.

Communiqué de la presse: Vingt-et-un des principaux organismes environnementaux pressent le gouvernement fédéral d’investir de manière plus substantielle pour atteindre les objectifs du Canada en matière de climat et de nature

En marge des sommets mondiaux sur le climat et la nature, la Coalition pour un budget vert a dressé une liste des investissements fédéraux nécessaires pour accélérer l’action climatique et inverser la perte de biodiversité. Ottawa, le 9 novembre 2022 — Alors…

Accompanying Resources

The toolkit contains four  accompanying resources: 1. A briefing note for potential use by First Nations in the context of discussions about the need for Indigenous-led conservation. 2. A summary of statements made by the provincial government regarding IPCAs (current to Spring 2022) 3. A summary of statements made by the federal government, regarding IPCAs (current to Spring 2022) 4. Annotated Bibliography and Online Resources (current to Spring 2022)

Part 2

Part 2 of the toolkit explores the interim measures communities may pursue in order to protect the health of their lands and community, in response to external threats such as a resource extraction projects. These suggestions are not exhaustive and vary in degree of complexity. However, they are intended as options to consider when seeking to alleviate impacts to lands, air and water pending more permanent forms of protection.

Part 3

Part 3 of the toolkit reviews the range of legal methods for establishing an IPCA, including those which are based on the inherent jurisdiction and laws of Indigenous communities as well as those jointly established between Indigenous and Crown bodies. We also highlight examples where IPCAs have been established with provincial governments, in an effort to provide a path forward in the Ontario.