CELA statement on Ontario’s Climate Change Plan regarding low-income communities

FRANCAIS Nov 29 2018 The Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) is disappointed that Ontario’s new climate change plan does not mention low-income or vulnerable communities at all. In CELA's view, climate change is fundamentally unfair since low-income and vulnerable communities…

Comments on Ontario Climate Change Plan

Title: Comments on Ontario Climate Change Plan Resource Type: Response to Consultation Content: 1220-CommentsOnOntarioClimatePlan_0 # of Pages: 14 Date authored: November 16, 2018 Publication number: 1220 Author/s: Jacqueline Wilson & Kerrie Blaise Author Organization: CELA

Right to Healthy Housing and Access to Affordable Energy

Title: Right to Healthy Housing and Access to Affordable Energy Northern Regional Training Resource Type: Presentation Content: 1217-RightToHealthyHousing # of Pages: 70 Date authored: November 5, 2018 Publication number: 1217 Author/s: Kerrie Blaise Author Organization: CELA

Climate Change Adaptation Proposal

Title: Climate Change Adaptation Proposal CELA and LIEN Submissions in Response to EBR 013-1520. Resource Type: Letter Content: 1161-CELALIENSubmissionsClimateChangeAdaptationProposal # of Pages: 7 Date authored: January 19, 2018 Publication number: 1161 Author/s: Jacqueline Wilson, Ben Ojoleck Author Organization: CELA

Shedding Light on Ontario’s Energy Sector – LIEN conference May 17th

Register now for the 2017 LIEN annual conference Apr 19 2017 Register now for the 2017 LIEN annual conference, “Shedding Light on Ontario’s Energy Sector”, which will be held in Kingston this year! The event will be hosted by The Sisters…

CELA’s Barbora Grochalova to Speak at Climate Symposium – May 11-12

Mar 28 2017 CELA's Barbora Grochalova will be speaking on a panel at the Ontario Climate Symposium to be held May 11-12 She'll be participating in Session 2B: "Addressing Challenges Faced by Low-Income Communities." Find more details and registration links…