MZOs: A Barrier to Access to Environmental Justice

CELA is working to inform the public about the drawbacks of MZOs, while encouraging law reform in order to ensure that the principles of environmental justice (EJ) are reflected in land-use planning decisions. This blog outlines the intersection between access to justice and environmental justice, and explains how the MZO process subverts EJ principles.

Report: Recommendations for Municipalities, Transportation for Rural Communities

This report addresses how rural transportation affects vulnerable populations as well as its impacts on human health and the environment. Recommendations are provided with consideration to improving quality of life for rural communities, adapting to climate change and providing access to clean transportation for sustainable long term solutions. 

Petition Calling for Examination of Federal Asbestos Regulation and Asbestos Cement Pipes

CELA and Prevent Cancer Now submitted a petition to the Federal Commissioner of Environment and Sustainable Development to seek a response from Environment and Climate Change Canada, Health Canada, and other federal departments that address asbestos waste. The purpose of this petition is to examine whether harm to Canadian health is effectively prevented under the current regulation of asbestos and cement pipes containing asbestos.

Report: Recommendations for Municipalities, Extreme Heat and Rental Housing

This report recommends and provides draft language for a maximum heat municipal bylaw, which would require landlords to maintain a maximum temperature of 26°C in rental units. The recommendation accounts for the worsening climate crisis and the disproportionate impact of extreme heat on vulnerable populations including the elderly, those with chronic illnesses and mobility challenges, and those that are socially and materially disadvantaged.

The Canada Green Buildings Strategy

The Federal Government released The Canada Green Buildings Strategy discussion paper, July 2022 and provided an opportunity for public feedback. The ultimate goal of the Green Buildings Strategy is to create a net-zero emissions and climate-resilient buildings sector by 2050,…