Site-Specific Air Standard Approval – Lennox Generating Station

CELA has made a submission to the Environmental Registry of Ontario regarding the recent application by Ontario Power Generation for a site-specific air pollution standard for its Lennox Generating Station. If granted, the facility would be entitled to exceed the provincial air pollution standard for sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and sulphuric acid for a 10-year period.

September 2022 Bulletin

In this month's bulletin, we feature the Healthy Great Lakes program's work with Coueraj to increase Indigenous engagement and outreach plus new reports on safe drinking water and climate change and vulnerable communities.

Time to Pass Bill C-226, National Strategy Respecting Environmental Racism and Environmental Justice

As Parliament resumes sitting this fall, CELA and other civil society organizations – advocates for social justice and equity, environmental protection, and public health – urge federal ministers to expedite passage of  Bill C-226, An Act Respecting the Development of…