The Constitutional Reference on Canada’s Impact Assessment Act: Why it Matters to CELA Clients

Richard Lindgren summarizes CELA's involvement in a constitutional reference case on Canada's new Impact Assessment Act in the Alberta Court of Appeal. He also explains the new IAA, and the environmental assessment regime that it replaces.

Citizens group welcomes decision by nuclear safety regulator to host hearing for nuclear fuel manufacturer in local community

Peterborough, ON - Canada’s nuclear safety regulator will move its licensing hearing for a nuclear fuel manufacturing facility to Peterborough after a local citizens group questioned why it was to be held in Toronto and not the local community.

Request for Ruling to CNCS – Adoption of Winnipeg Declaration

Request for Ruling from CELA, as a registered oral intervenor, in the Matter of the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ (CNL) Nuclear Research and Test Establishment Decommissioning Licence Renewal Application for Whiteshell Laboratories October 2, 2019