Comments on Draft EIS for New Uranium Mine in Saskatchewan (NexGen’s Rook I Project)

CELA responded to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (“EIS”) for a proposed uranium mine on the Patterson Lake peninsula in northern Saskatchewan. CELA’s legal analysis of the Draft EIS was accompanied by two expert reports: “Radon and Gamma Monitoring & Workers’ Health" by Luc Lance, and “Source Water Protection” by Dr. Robert Patrick.

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An Open Letter on Regional Assessment in the Ring of Fire

CELA joins the many Indigenous Peoples, climate scientists, environmental organizations, legal experts and concerned citizens calling on both Canada and Ontario to pause the process described in the Draft Agreement to Conduct a Regional Assessment in the Ring of Fire…

Comments on the Draft Agreement on Regional Assessment – Ring of Fire

The Friends of the Attawapiskat River are once again urging the Impact Assessment Agency to suspend the Regional Assessment whose process, timelines and methods of engagement have not been done in full consultation and with the consent of Indigenous community members, their customs, knowledge systems and inherent laws.