Request for Ruling to CNCS – Adoption of Winnipeg Declaration

Request for Ruling from CELA, as a registered oral intervenor, in the Matter of the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ (CNL) Nuclear Research and Test Establishment Decommissioning Licence Renewal Application for Whiteshell Laboratories October 2, 2019

An Introduction to CELA – Advancing Environmental Justice

CELA's Kerrie Blaise joined environment professionals from over 80 Northern Ontario First Nation communities to discuss sustainability and engagement at the Northern Ontario First Nations Environment Conference hosted by EcoSuperior in Thunder Bay. Kerrie presented a summary of CELA's services drawing on our case work and law reform efforts to facilitate a discussion about environmental rights and justice in Indigenous communities. Download slide deck: NorthOnFirstNationsConference

Press Release: Environmental and Labour organizations petition the Canadian Ministers to ensure Canada’s trade deal with Brazil and Mercosur countries enforces the protection of the Amazon

Unceded Algonquin Anishinaabe Territories [OTTAWA] (September 6 2019): Canadian environmental and labour organizations join forces today to petition the Canadian government to ensure the Mercosur trade agreement being negotiated with Brazil and the other Mercosur countries protects the Amazon from escalating…