Government’s early holiday gift to the nuclear industry “naughty, not nice”

Public interest groups across Canada reject federal funding of small modular nuclear reactors. Media Release in advance of expected announcement tomorrow. And Backgrounder - Why SMRs are a dirty, dangerous distraction

25 leading Canadian environmental organizations release detailed proposals for federal investments in a green recovery

Four key recommendations include building retrofits, clean transportation, nature-based climate solutions and protected areas

Recommendations for Recovery and Budget Actions in 2020-2021

The need for recovery from the social and economic impacts of COVID-19 task us with a historic responsibility. We can choose to reinvest in the status quo, or we can rebuild better and more safely. The Green Budget Coalition strongly encourages making climate and biodiversity objectives central to Canada's recovery.

Environment is a Social Justice Issue

Overview of environmental impacts on vulnerable communities, and associated programs and resources.

Some worthwhile environmental and equity gains in Budget 2019

Mar 19 2019 Toronto – The Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) is pleased to see today’s federal budget continue Canada’s commitment to addressing climate change with substantial investments to encourage electric vehicles, increase building energy efficiency, and expand green infrastructure. We…

Proposed Made-in-Ontario Environmental Plan EBR Registry Notice 013-4208

Title: Proposed Made-in-Ontario Environmental Plan EBR Registry Notice 013-4208 Resource Type: Letter, Response to Consultation Content: 1238-CELA-Response-Ontario-Environmental-Plan # of Pages: 46 Date authored: January 28, 2019 Publication number: 1238 Author/s: Richard D. Lindgren Author Organization: Canadian Environmental Law Association