Law Reform: Banning Cosmetic Pesticide Use

CELA strongly supports bans on the use and sales of  pesticides intended for unnecessary or “cosmetic” purposes. In collaboration with a broad-based coalition of health and environmental organizations, we were instrumental in urging Ontario to pass the strongest such legislation in North America. These efforts built upon similarly successful efforts to pass municipal pesticide bylaws in Toronto, and other Ontario communities following court victories confirming the legitimacy of the Hudson, Quebec pesticide bylaw. In a world of multiple chemical exposures, we must remove risks from needless use of pesticides, particularly to reduce risks to children. Beautiful gardens don’t need toxic chemicals.

Partnership for Pesticide Bylaws

Ontario's Province-wide Cosmetic Pesticide Ban

During 2002-03 the Partnership for Pesticide Bylaws (PPB) included a wide cross-section of child-focused, health, animal welfare, environmental, and labour organizations in support of pesticide bylaws. Following the Supreme Court decision on the Hudson, Quebec bylaw, these groups chose a strategic focus on Toronto in the hopes of seeing Canada’s largest city set an example for others to follow. Success came in Spring, 2003.

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During 2007-2009, CELA worked with a broad coalition of environmental, medical, and public health organizations in support of a commitment made during the 2007 Provincial election to enact a province-wide ban on the cosmetic use of pesticides. These groups worked tirelessly and on Earth Day, 2009 achieved the strongest cosmetic pesticide ban in North America. More recent, and troubling, legislative and regulatory changes to this ban, proposed in December of 2019, were modified during consultations and the integrity and strength of the Ontario ban was retained. 

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