Law Reform: Get the Lead Out of Drinking Water

We’ve known for a long time that exposure to even very low levels of lead can have serious health consequences, especially for fetuses and young children. Although there is widespread recognition of the health impacts of lead, we’re not doing nearly enough to address it.

CELA renews its call to action. It’s time to get the lead out of drinking water once and for all. Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there – and causing real harm.

How do we get Lead OUT of our Drinking Water?

While lead is a naturally occurring element, it does NOT occur naturally in our drinking water.  Water becomes contaminated with lead as it moves through corroded lead pipes or plumbing fixtures with lead solder. 

CELA released a report on lead in drinking water in 2019, highlighting ongoing health concerns and laying out five key recommendations to eliminate lead from our water.  

  1. Lower the mandatory minimum standard to 5 micrograms per litre in Ontario, and strive for much lower levels of lead
  2. Identify exactly where the lead service lines are and create an inventory and notice requirements
  3. Create an enforceable plan for the complete removal of lead services lines
  4. Reduce risk through corrosion control
  5. Raise awareness of the problem through public education

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