Law Reform: Ontario's Environmental Bill of Rights

Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) came into force in 1994 and significantly improved public participation in environmental decision-making. EBR tools have also been used by Ontarians to safeguard the environment and hold government officials to account for their environmental decisions.

A public review of the EBR occurred during 2016-17. CELA participated extensively in this review. In 2019, the law was further amended and significantly weakened, including by removing the position and Office of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario.  

CELA’s environmental law advocacy called for an Environmental Bill of Rights since our founding in 1970. CELA Counsel have played a central role in the genesis, implementation, and reforms to this law. Below are CELA’s analyses and public legal education materials related to various stages of EBR review and amendment.  

Environmental Bill of Rights Revisions in 2018-19

Media Releases, Blogs

Efforts to Reform the Environmental Bill of Rights (2004 - 2017)